This sites contains a mirror of the (now defunc) SDL 1.2 wiki.

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Historical notes

The official SDL wiki was not indexable by search engines and hence mostly invisible to people searching about SDL.

Unlike the original wiki, this website is indexable by search engines (no abusive robots.txt (disallow /cgi meant no wiki indexation), no nofollow, etc.).

I reported this issue to the mailing list [1] as well as to slouken, but got no answer, so I fixed it myself :)

There is a new wiki for SDL 1.3 (now 2.0), where I wrote a MigrationGuide, but contribution was heavily moderated with low responsiveness (2 weeks). Since then Galaxy GameWorks has closed and "SDL [is] going back to open source development" [2] so hopefully things will get better. Last time I checked my initial contribution was silently erased and rewritten before the SDL 2.0 release though :/

You can reach me about this website at me.