Kővágó Zoltán (DirtY iCE)


my real name is Kővágó Zoltán, but you can simply call me DirtY iCE. first i came hare to get more information about SDL, so i'm not a professional, but i help where i can. i also hate spam, when i see one, i revert it immediately. i also check RecentChanges, when i have time for it.. if you want to contant me, you can send e-mail:

Email: <DirtY -d0t- iCE -.- hu (a) SPAMFREE gmail -d0t- com> (remove SPAMFREE, replace (a) with @, -d0t- -.- with ., remove spaces..)

if you want to contant through IM, write an e-mail. i have: AIM, ICQ, YIM, IRC, XMPP/Jabber (with provider google and jabber.org)



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