Why doesn't page flipping work?

The SDL_DOUBLEBUF flag (and hence page flipping) is unsupported on Mac OS X. There is no support in the operating system for this feature.

Prior to version 1.2.6, SDL did not report an error when SDL_DOUBLEBUF was used, but instead returned a single-buffered surface. This resulted in various visual anomalies, depending on the application.

The only good alternatives are to use a software surface instead (SDL_SWSURFACE), or use OpenGL. With OpenGL, you'll have to write your own blitting engine, or borrow someone else's.

Update: SDL 1.2.6 has added experimental retrace-synchronized software "flipping". You access it by using SDL_DOUBLBUF|SDL_HWSURFACE|SDL_FULLSCREEN passed to SDL_SetVideoMode. SDL_Flip() will return immediately and the flip will be performed asynchronously in a separate thread.

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