Does SDL have text drawing support?

Games and operating systems vary widely in the type and availability of text drawing facilities. You may look up some tutorials on how to do this yourself... Or, instead of trying to deal with this in the core SDL library, there are libraries and 3rd party utilities you can use.

SDL Libraries

There are several text drawing libraries designed for use with SDL on the SDL Libraries page. Common tecniques include using bitmap fonts, truetype fonts, and custom images for text These library may also be specific to either normal SDL_Surfaces or OpenGL.


SDL_ttf is one of the most commonly used libraries in SDL. It is documented on libSDL Wiki here:

NeHe's Tutorials (Windows-specific)

2D Fonts:

3D Fonts:

Bitmap Font Builder

Bitmap Font Builder is an application that makes it easy to create bitmaps for use in OpenGL and DirectX applications written by Thom Wetzel.

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