Mix_PlayChannelTimed -- Play an audio chunk on a specific channel for a certain amount of time.


#include "SDL_mixer.h"

int Mix_PlayChannelTimed(int which, Mix_Chunk *chunk, int loops, int ticks)


Mix_PlayChannelTimed If the sample is long enough and has enough loops then the sample will stop after ticks milliseconds. Otherwise this function is the same as Mix_PlayChannel


Return Value

Returns the channel the sample is played on. On any errors, -1 is returned.


// play sample on first free unreserved channel
// play it for half a second
// Mix_Chunk *sample; //previously loaded
if(Mix_PlayChannelTimed(-1, sample, -1 , 500)==-1) {
    printf("Mix_PlayChannel: %s\n",Mix_GetError());
    // may be critical error, or maybe just no channels were free.
    // you could allocated another channel in that case...

See Also

Mix_PlayChannel, Mix_FadeInChannelTimed, Mix_FadeOutChannel, Mix_ReserveChannels

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