SDL_ActiveEvent -- Application visibility event structure

Structure Definition

typedef struct{
  Uint8 type;
  Uint8 gain;
  Uint8 state;
} SDL_ActiveEvent;

Structure Data




0 if the event is a loss or 1 if it is a gain.


a bitmask of the following values: SDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS if mouse focus was gained or lost, SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS if input focus was gained or lost, and SDL_APPACTIVE if the application was iconified (gain=0) or restored(gain=1).


SDL_ActiveEvent is a member of the SDL_Event union and is used when an event of type SDL_ACTIVEEVENT is reported.

When the mouse leaves or enters the window area a SDL_APPMOUSEFOCUS type activation event occurs, if the mouse entered the window then gain will be 1, otherwise gain will be 0. A SDL_APPINPUTFOCUS type activation event occurs when the application loses or gains keyboard focus. This usually occurs when another application is made active. Finally, a SDL_APPACTIVE type event occurs when the application is either minimised/iconified (gain=0) or restored. A single event can have multiple values set in state.

See Also

SDL_Event, SDL_GetAppState

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