SDL_LoadFunction -- Returns the address of a function in a loaded shared object.


#include "SDL_loadso.h"

void *SDL_LoadFunction(void *handle, const char *name);


Given an object handle, this function looks up the address of the named function in the shared object and returns it. This address is no longer valid after calling SDL_UnloadObject.

Note: These functions only work on C function names. Other languages may have name mangling and intrinsic language support that varies from compiler to compiler.

Note: Make sure you declare your function pointers with the same calling convention as the actual library function. Your code will crash mysteriously if you do not do this.

Note: Avoid namespace collisions. If you load a symbol from the library, it is not defined whether or not it goes into the global symbol namespace for the application. If it does and it conflicts with symbols in your code or other shared libraries, you will not get the results you expect. :)

Return Value

The address of the function.

See Also

SDL_LoadObject, SDL_UnloadObject

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