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Please contribute to this list. The most important thing to do right now IMHO is to fill in the broken pages. - Donny Viszneki

What's on this page?

On this page is a full list of all functions and data types (or perhaps not, you could add some if they are missing,) provided by the SDL_mixer library. There are also a few other things here (or not here, again, you could add things if you felt they were missing.) Here are the other things, followed by the data types of SDL_mixer, and the function list, sorted first by simplicity, and then by usefulness (as deemed by me, for now) followed by the full function list. Functions are also loosely grouped by what they do exactly.

SDL_mixer Documentation


SDL_Mixer Data Types

Abridged Function List

Basic Functions

Less Basic Functions

Obscure Functions

SDL_mixer Full API Reference

  1. General
  2. Samples
  3. Channels
  4. Groups
  5. Music
  6. Effects
  7. Types
  8. Defines

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