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TTF_Font *TTF_OpenFontRW(SDL_RWops *src, int freesrc, int ptsize)




Load src for use as a font, at ptsize size. This is actually TTF_OpenFontIndexRW(src, freesrc, ptsize, 0). This can load TTF and FON formats. Using SDL_RWops is not covered here, but they enable you to load from almost any source.

NOTE: src is not checked for NULL, so be careful.

Returns: a pointer to the font as a TTF_Font. NULL is returned on errors.

// load font.ttf at size 16 into font
TTF_Font *font;
font=TTF_OpenFontRW(SDL_RWFromFile("font.ttf"), 1, 16);
if(!font) {
    printf("TTF_OpenFontRW: %s\n", TTF_GetError());
    // handle error

Note that this is unsafe because we don't check the validity of the SDL_RWFromFile's returned pointer.

See Also

TTF_OpenFontIndexRW, TTF_OpenFont, TTF_CloseFont

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